The International Association for Ancient, Asian, and Tribal Art (IAAATA) is an organization of specialist dealers, each with a high level of expertise in their field.
Members are committed to responsible, fair, and ethical trade practices.  Scholarship and connoisseurship are also of utmost importance.  Many of our members publish catalogs that are scholarly in approach, contribute articles to trade publications, and have collaborated on museum exhibitions.
The ethical trade, collecting and exhibiting of these artworks promotes a greater understanding and appreciation of the people and cultures that produced them.

Appraisal Service

IAAATA will provide appraisals for charitable contributions of works of art to appropiate not-for-profit institutions, as well as for insurance purposes, estate planning, estate taxes, and other non-commercial needs of private collectors, museums and other institutions.

IAAATA has been providing appraisals for many years and has appraised works of art that have been donated to some of the most prestigious museums in the country. Appraisals are written according to USPAP standards after consulting with dealers with appropiate expertise.

For more information on the appraisal services, please contact:

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